Backtrack (Interview)
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Ross McGarrie  caught up with hardcore kids, Backtrack , who have recently been making quite a stir on the scene. 
How have you guys been?
We have been good. We're on tour in Canada with Comeback Kid right now.
So Lost In Life came out in January of this year, how has that gone down with fans compared to Darker Half?
The response has been great so far...people who are into Backtrack seem to like the new stuff and people who are just hearing about us have good things to say too.
Are you happy with how with the album turned out?
Yeah I am. That's the most important part of putting out a record to me. It's great if people are into your record but I think at the end of the day you need to be proud of it. I wouldn't want to put out a record we weren't stoked on. Every LP is a learning process so there's always things you think you can work on next time which is cool too.
You worked with Nick Jett in the studio again on this LP, how did you first get involved with him?
We became friends with Nick by touring with Terror. Me and Nick had a lot of good conversations about music and Backtrack and he gave me advice about a lot of things. This was all around when Darker Half was just starting to be worked on. We all got together and decided we wanted Nick to work on Darker Half with us because he knows our music and what influences us along with the fact that he has a great ear and is a good songwriter (no homo).
Your choice of album art has a very distinct style, can you tell us about the who the artist is and why you went with it?
Spoiler is the artist. He's done pretty much all of our record covers. Spoiler has an old school NYHC type style which goes well with what we are influenced by and what our music is helped shaped through. New York Hardcore.
You headlined Outbreak Fest alongside Cold World in April, how does it feel to be considered one of the big names in hardcore these days?
I'm not sure if were one of the big names in Hardcore but thank you for the compliment. It feels great being able to play overseas and have people care about your music. Very amazing considering we never thought we'd ever play the UK when we started.
How did that show go?
It was crazy. Outbreak Fest is one of the funnest fests to play and always an amazing time. It was the 3rd Outbreak fest we've played and they get better every time.
You hear a lot about new American hardcore bands getting out but not a whole lot of UK/EU/Asian bands….do you have any personal favourites from these areas or bands that you think deserve to be bigger?
Absolutely. I love hearing about new hardcore bands from different parts of the world. I love Iron Mind from Melbourne, Australia. Me and my friend Che put out their LP in the USA recently. Forsake from the UK is sick, Redemption Denied from Belgium is hard. Outsides Code from Australia's LP is incredible...I really want to see that band live.
What do enjoy doing when you’re not touring or writing new stuff?
I really just like spending time with my family, friends, and girlfriend. Eating good food, drinking booze, and enjoying my life with the people I want to surround myself with. I have a few things to help keep me busy like my other band Manipulate, Flatspot Records, and my zine Moment Of Truth.
A couple of people have been calling you guys “tumblr hardcore” due to you getting a lot of attention on the site from younger teenage girls, how do you feel about that?
Such a douchey term. Tumblr was built for teenage girls though so I don't see the problem? The problem might be that the people saying this are busy lurking teenage girls tumblrs I think!
What are your favourite pizza toppings?
Really depends on the place and situation...Green Peppers, Pepperoni, Chicken, whatever.
Katy Perry or Iggy Azalea?
I actually listen to both on a very regular basis. Katy's got more hits but Iggy's getting there.
Ghostbusters or Jurassic Park?
What are your favourite places to eat back home or while on tour?
I love Vesuvio in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn...great italian food. Also Cafeteria in NYC has great Chicken & Waffles. On tour I love eating at Chickfila. My favorite is good chinese food. Show me your good Chinese Food spot if Backtrack plays anywhere near you.
Favourite Pokemon?
Pikachu. The OG.
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